Anthem Player Count on Xbox One Now at Less Than 2,500, Drops From Top 49 List

Anthem Javelin Builds

By now, almost everyone who plays video games regularly most likely knows how much Anthem didn’t live up to expectations. While BioWare can still turn things around, it seems the studio is fast running out of time — and good will — with players.

Case in point: the Anthem player count on Xbox One has now dwindled to such a number that it’s now not even part of the Xbox platform’s top 49 most played games. For reference, this list includes titles like the SIMS 4, For Honor, and other titles that are years old, which doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Anthem.

Note that the stats here are for North America, but Reddit user _Robbie has chatted with people over on the Anthem subreddit, and they too, have not seen Anthem in the top 49 most played games on Xbox. In the NA most played list, EA’s Battlefield 1 is at the last spot, and thanks to BF1stats (which is fairly accurate), we can see how many players it fields per platform.

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Given how that number was less than 2,500 for BF1 on Xbox One, this means that the Anthem player count has less than 2,500 gamers playing it. To put things in perspective, Fallout 76, a highly lambasted game since its launch, has more players than Anthem.

Of course, we don’t know for certain what the total is, since we don’t know the Anthem player count for the PS4, and PC. Even if you double the Xbox One player count for both platforms, it still doesn’t paint a pretty picture, no?

Who to play for Anthem’s current situation? Is it EA for allegedly rushing the game? Is it BioWare for making the wrong gameplay design decisions? I’d say the blame lies on both, though having said that, BioWare not communicating with whatever Anthem player base it has left, isn’t exactly helping things.

Are you surprised at this development or not at all?

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