Battlefield 1 Console CTE Has Ended, Will Continue for PC Only

battlefield 1 console cte

In case the writing wasn’t on the wall yet for some, DICE is hard at work on this year’s Battlefield game, which means stuff are winding down when it comes to Battlefield 1. Given we most likely have seen the last expansion for BF1 with Apocalypse, this means that DICE is winding down the testing, bug fixing and whatnot as well.

Over on the Battlefield 1 CTE (Community Test Environment) subreddit, DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock has posted a message announcing that the Battlefield 1 console CTE will not be coming back, but it will be reactivated for PC.

Battlefield 1 CTE Availability & Next Steps from battlefield_live

Given that DICE has said that whatever stuff implemented for the PC version through feedback obtained via the CTE will apply to the console versions, I gather, this shouldn’t be seen as a major loss for console BF1 players. It’s a given that DICE is focusing most of its efforts to the new Battlefield game coming later this year, and this is one of the compromises that fans have to live with.

Is this news surprising to you? Are there still major bugs in BF1 that have yet to be resolved? Do you think it will ever will be now?

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