Battlefield 2042: DICE “Happy” With Player Movement, Abusable Movements to Be Toned Down

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.04

While DICE has already talked about the player movement speed and the like in Battlefield 2042, those who liked the Battlefield 2042 movement speed in the beta will be glad to know that DICE seems to be sticking with it, though expect some changes to be made.

This was confirmed by Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan over on Twitter, where he shared that the studio is “pretty happy” with the direction of player movement, though they are looking to tone down “abusable movements.”

In another Twitter conversation, Le Bihan confirmed that they have removed the ability to vault objects in BF2042 just by pressing one button, as it could lead to unintentional vaulting. However, they are open to allowing forward vaulting without any input if players want it.

We’ve compiled Le Bihan’s tweets into one quote to make reading it easier:

We’re pretty happy with the “direction” of player movement in the Open Beta, there were a few outliers of extremely abusable movements that we’ve toned down but you shouldn’t expect movement to be that different from the Open Beta.

If you don’t give movement input towards the obstacle you cannot vault. We removed the ability to vault by just pressing one button as it prevent the player from having control over vaulting and could lead to unintentional vaulting in many places.

We added left/right/back direction vaulting as well for low height obstacles (obstacles that are about 1.1m or below, if we didn’t require player input you would randomly start vaulting on obstacles you can’t see and it became very annoying.

With that being said I think we could add an option to allow forward vaulting with no input if that’s something people want 🙂

For more on vaulting mechanics in the game, and how it works. read up on another DICE dev’s thoughts here.

I assume the “abusable movements” Le Bihan was referring to was the slide, which was insanely fast in the beta. I’m definitely OK with it being toned down, since we’re playing Battlefield, and not a Titanfall game. Speaking of which, bunny hopping and Webster Mackay’s grappling hook exploit should be something the studio looks into as well.

Are you happy with the movement speed in the Battlefield 2042 beta? Do you want it faster or slower? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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