Battlefield 2042 Down This November 18 for Maintenance (Update)

Next Battlefield 2042 Update

DICE has switched off the servers for Battlefield 2042, so don’t be surprised if you see Battlefield 2042 down reports surface this November 18! Don’t fret, as this is planned server maintenance, and is scheduled for just an hour.

Battlefield 2042 Down Status This November 18:

Update: Servers are now back up!

Alongside the maintenance is a client-side patch that should be rolling out across all platforms as we speak! This title update is for both last-gen and next-gen platforms, and includes a short list of gameplay-related fixes.

Update: Here are the official patch notes for the November 18 BF2042 title update that’s now live!

Here’s the official announcement from DICE:

We’ll be updating this post throughout the hour or if maintenance is extended, so stay tuned! Don’t forget, we’ll be getting 1-2 more patches in the next 30 days, so expect another server downtime soon as well.

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