Battlefield 2042 Tank Total Increased to 4 Per Team Each Match; Lots of BF “Lore” in Different Maps

Battlefield 2042 tank total

If you played the Battlefield 2042 beta and found that there wasn’t enough tanks on the ground in each match, rejoice! DICE has heard the plea of gamers, and has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 tank total in each match has been upped from two to four!

This was confirmed by DICE Level Designer Kalle Nystrom, who posted the following in a Reddit thread:

I agree, which is why for launch they are doubled to 4 per team for a total of 8 tanks roaming the landscape!

Note that this tank increase per match only applies to 128-player matches, as Nystrom has confirmed that for last-gen, which features 64-player matches, it will still be at just two per team.

In addition to that bit of good news for tank players, DICE Producer Ben Walke has also confirmed that there is a lot of Battlefield “lore” scattered throughout the maps, which players will run across in various ways.

There’s a lot of our ‘lore’ within our maps and you’ll encounter it in various ways while running around doing normal Battlefield type things.

Vehicle radios have more than just music for example.

Battlefield fans who are eager to spot Easter eggs, it seems you’ll have a lot to look forward to come November 19!

For more on Battlefield 2042, make sure to check our game hub where we have the most up to date news on the game.

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