Battlefield 2042 Whale Penguin Easter Egg Secretly Added in Season 1 Update

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The Battlefield franchise is no stranger to Easter eggs, and it seems DICE has snuck in a new one in Battlefield 2042 when it rolled out the Season 1: Zero Hour title update! There’s now a new Battlefield 2042 whale penguin Easter egg in the game that has surfaced alongside the other penguins!

Check out a video of it below, where we see the whale penguin (from what I know is also called an orca) can be seen surfacing and then diving into the snow!

Over on Twitter, DICE developer Niklas Astrand has acknowledged the Easter egg and even gave the animal the name of Lars!

For more on Battlefield Easter eggs, go check this one from Battlefield 5 where a Bad Company 2 Easter egg can be heard! We also posted one about a Battlefield Easter eggs compilation, which features recurring secrets!

If you spot any Battlefield Easter eggs in BF2042, send as an email ( and we’ll be sure to credit you for the find.

If you still haven’t given Season 1: Zero Hour a try, you might want to do it, as our review is hopeful for the game’s turnaround given Season 1 is a step in the right direction.

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