Battlefield 3 – Improvements To In-Game Squad Management Hinted At and More Beta Fixes

The further we get into the week of the Battlefield 3 Beta, the more we are beginning to learn about the types of changes and fixes DICE will be making to the final version of the game. While we won’t see many of these changes in the Beta itself, DICE assures us that they will be there October 25th. So far, DICE has talked about making changes to weapon damage, including the sniper rifles, among many other things. Make sure to check these out, along with some important FAQs.

Recently, Daniel Matros, aka “zh1nt0,” hopped on Twitter to provide the community with some clarification on some matters that have been bothering many fans in the Beta. One of the most obvious, and probably one of the first bugs you’ve noticed in the Beta was your soldiers magical ability to float above and below ground. One fan remarked that swimming through the map like that reminded him of Counter-Strike. To this, Matros responded,  “fixed in final.” When asked about an ETA for the Xbox bugs/glitches (but let’s face it, every platform has its fair share of bugs, so this next response could be an answer to all), Matros also responded, “in final.” Earlier this week, Matros created bit of panic in the community when he mentioned that all squad management would be handled within the Battlelog, rather than in-game. Of course, this was met with much concern and even anger in the community. However, recently, Matros hinted at DICE allowing for more in-game options in the final version. He tweeted, “You will still see your squad in-game. More details on that to come.” While we don’t know exactly what this means, it does give a bit of hope that more squad options will be available to us in the retail version of Battlefield 3.

We reported earlier that weapon damages were being tweaked, including the sniper rifles. However, it seems to have been confirmed that when it comes to ballistics, bullet drop will remain the same. One fan commented that he felt the bullet drop was just too much and wished for it to be more like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, to which Alan Kertz responded, “It is the same as BC2. The distances are longer.” Frag ammo for the shotgun was aslo commented on. Some fans thought was simply horrible at the moment. Humorously, Kertz replied, “Hah yeah it is. It’ll be balanced out at some point.”

On a more technical note, Johan Andersson, Rendering Architect at DICE, was asked if DX10 could be enabled on a DX11 GPU on the PC for performance reasons. Andersson replied, “no not possible, DX11 path is faster anyway”

We hoped this clarified a few things for you Battlefield fans. It seems like we are in good hands and that DICE is listening to our concerns. Again, while we might not see these changes in the Beta, it seems like they will all be addressed by Ocober 25th.

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Tell us how you feel about the in-game squad system. We’re not big fans!

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