Battlefield V Info Focus for the Week Will Be Tides of War, “Progression System and Economy” Mentioned

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It’s another week, and that means another week-long info dump of Battlefield V goodness straight from DICE. As we reported on this past weekend, the studio will be focusing on Tides of War, or what the “live services” aspect of Battlefield V is called.

Over on Reddit, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre laid out the entire week’s schedule for Battlefield V’s Tides of War info blowout! During the week, one of the blogs DICE will be posting will be about the “The Progression System and Economy of Battlefield V” which heavily hints at microtransactions, which shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, right?

This Week in Battlefield V

Upcoming Blogs & Video*

  • BLOG: When Do You Want to Play Battlefield V? – This blog will detail all the options you have for playing early and getting incredible extras.
  • BLOG: Pre-Order Battlefield V and Outfit Your Company – This is your guide to all the pre-order and game edition extras.
  • BLOG: Road to Battlefield V: The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is Free Until Oct. 31 – Grab every expansion pack for free before the launch of Battlefield V.
  • BLOG: Battlefield V: Launch is Just the Beginning – As you embark on your journey across the Tides of War, there are many new modes, battlefields, gear additions, and more coming with each chapter. We detail what to expect with Tides of War in this blog.
  • BLOGThe Progression System and Economy of Battlefield V – Learn about ranks, rewards, and the currencies of Battlefield V.
  • VIDEOBattlefield V Dev Talks #5: Tides of War – We discuss the Battlefield V live service with our developers at DICE Stockholm.

Monday, October 22nd

  • LIVE NOW, VIDEO: Battlefield V War Stories Behind the Scenes  Learn more about War Stories from Lars Gustavsson, Sr. Producer, and Eric Holmes, War Stories Design Director.
  • LIVE NOW, ARTICLE: This Week in Battlefield V – Voila! This is what you’re reading.

Wednesday, October 24th

  • TAKEOVER: @EA_DICE Twitter Takeover with Ryan McArthur, Producer – Ryan grabs the keys and takes the DICE Twitter profile for a drive as he showcases behind the scenes looks at Battlefield V development with a focus on Tides of War, Progression, and Economy.

Thursday, October 25th

  • AMAA: Reddit AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) with Ryan McArthur, Producer – By this time all blogs should be released (caveat: things can always change on timing!). As you read up on the latest news, take to Reddit to ask Ryan additional burning questions you may have in regard to Tides of War, Progression, and Economy in Battlefield V.

Friday, October 26th

  • ARTICLE: Battlefield V Weekly Debrief – Your one-stop destination for all the blogs, videos, and major news that happened in the week, with a comprehensive Q&A with our DICE developers using feedback collected from the Battlefield Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Forums. ICYMI, here’s last week’s Battlefield V Weekly Debrief!

Earlier today, we posted a dev diary vid of DICE giving us a sneak peek at the making of War Stories — Battlefield V’s single-player campaign. Also of note, DICE has also mentioned that we’ll be getting more info about Battlefield V’s battle royale mode this week too.