Battlefield 5 Future Challenges for Trial By Fire Week 10 Leaked

battlefield 5 future challenges

With Battlefield 5 focusing so much on weekly Assignments, Challenges and more to keep the gameplay loop for players, it’s no wonder that these things are now something people look forward to. If you’re looking forward to Battlefield 5 future Challenges, you’re in luck!

Once again leaked by Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal, the Battlefield 5 Trial by Fire week 10 Challenges can be seen below!

battlefield 5 future challenges


Operation Mercury was the name for the German assault on Crete as part of the Axis invasion of Greece in 1941. The British, Greek and ANZAC garrison of Crete put up a hard fought defense assisted by the Royal Navy.

Play 1 round on Mercury.


German codename for the large Battlegroup West, Comet made strong gains with a massive deployment of paratroopers and glider-carried Fallschirmjäger.

Capture X objectives.


Mars, German codename for Battlegroup Centre, assaulted the town of Rethymno and its airfield but the garrison of Australian and Greek troops as well as Cretan police held on for over a week.

Complete 1 squad order.


German Battlegroup East, Orion, had some initial success in their assault on Heraklion but were unable to secure it.

Down, kill or assist in killing X enemies.


The town of Maleme fell in the first day of the battle to overwhelming German airborne troops. The Royal Navy held off Axis attempts at landing reinforcements by sea, but in doing so suffered heavy casualties from the Luftwaffe. ANZAC counter attacks on Maleme were beaten back by dug-in Fallschirmjäger supported by the Luftwaffe, and they eventually withdrew to the east.

Deal X damage while in an aircraft.


The day before the battle, a German reconnaissance plane was shot down over Rethymno against orders by Australian garrison troops using a Bren gun. A code book and reconnaissance photos were found in the wreckage.

Deal X damage to player-piloted aircraft using LMGs.


Following the Allied eastward retreat the Axis landed some light tanks and other vehicles to support the ensuing pursuit and assault.

Deal X damage to enemy infantry using ground vehicles.


Exhausted and facing overwhelming German reinforcement the Australian garrison surrendered, though some evaded capture with the help of Cretan civilians and eventually escaped to Egypt.

Resupply yourself using a supply drop reinforcement 1 time.


As western Crete fell to the Axis the Heraklion garrison were outflanked and forced to withdraw south. Numerous holding actions were fought to buy time for an evacuation to Egypt, while constantly beset by Luftwaffe raids.

Heal yourself for X health.


Kill X enemies using the MP40, Kar98 or MG34.


Win 1 round on Mercury.


Kill or down X enemies using the Lee Enfield No.4, Bren Gun or M1928A1.


Kill or down X enemies in one life.


German heavyweight boxer and former world champion Max Schmeling, nicknamed the Black Uhlan of the Rhine, fought in World War II as a Fallschirmjäger including the battle of Crete.

Kill X enemy using the Fallschirmjäger Dagger.

Speaking of Challenges don’t forget to do this week’s Challenges since the reward is a new gun! Another datamined leak we posted is the list of upcoming weapons and game modes hitting the game soon. There’s also a visibility update hitting the game in late May.

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