Battlefield V to Have “Big Content Drops” Every 12 Weeks, Sea Combat Confirmed

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Just a few days ago, DICE held a Battlefield V deep dive video touching a few key points regarding the game. Given the show lasted more than an hour, it’s understandable if not everyone was able to sit through the entire thing.

Fortunately for us, details regarding the show has made its way online, and in chew-able chunks! In one part of the video show, DICE confirmed that Battlefield V will get “big content drops” every 12 weeks, which is the time for each season. They’ve also made it clear that this doesn’t mean that the game won’t get gameplay tweaks, balance patches and more since it will, though the big ones with new Assignments, new content and the like, are scheduled to drop every 12 weeks.

DICE’s goal with Tides of War from r/BattlefieldV

In another part of the show, DICE also confirmed that there’s going to be sea combat in Battlefield V — at least for one map. The map’s name is Hamada, which is a “massive African desert map” that’s close to the ocean. DICE states, “this will be the map that’s going to have land, air, and sea combat.”

Hamada, the African desert map, is confirmed to have Land, Air and SEA combat. from r/BattlefieldV

Well, there you have it! Sea combat confirmed for Battlefield V, and fans should expect seasons to change every 12 weeks, and along with it, bring new content along for the ride.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE confirmed that max ammo capacity, starting ammo and more will be tweaked for the final release. We also posted a Battlefield V console settings piece to give you the best aiming possible with a controller.

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