Battlefield V Roadmaps Confirmed, Co-Op Mode “Combined Arms” to Come After Launch

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For those worried that DICE might treat Battlefield V the same way it handled Star Wars Battlefront II post-launch, don’t worry! While DICE has said that we shouldn’t worry, it seems the studio is also making sure fans know what to expect in the coming days and months, as DICE has confirmed that we’ll see roadmaps (yes, plural) for the game!

Over on Twitter, DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland confirmed that Battlefield V roadmaps will be “coming.”

Got that Good. Now for some bad news. It seems that Battlefield V’s co-op mode called “Combined Arms” won’t be available at launch! This was confirmed by the official EA website no less where it detailed the multplayer portion of the game.

Battlefield V’s new multiplayer experiences are the biggest and boldest yet. Multi-map Grand Operations delivers iconic action – like paratrooper raids, tank assaults, and aerial dogfights – while the all-new battle royale mode and cooperative Combined Arms gives you more to look forward to after launch. Signature rock-paper-scissors gameplay rewards skill and strategy in 64-player all-out war against infantry, vehicles, and aircraft. 

Yep, that’s a bummer, no? Of course, given that most people will spend their time on multiplayer, and it seems to be shaping up just fine, makes the wait a tad bit easier to take.

Make sure to check out how the console versions of BFV fares in this detailed look.

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