Battlefield V: DICE Responds to Battlefront II Comparison to “Chill,” Game Wins gamescom Best Multiplayer

battlefield 5 post release plans

If you’re a Star Wars Battlefront II player, then chances are, you’re not feeling particularly well right now regarding the game. Aside from the lac of communication from EA & DICE in terms of post-launch support, some of the expected  content that should have been released already is still MIA.

With Battlefront II being developed by DICE, and  the studio’s upcoming game, Battlefield V, set to hit this October, some gamers have been wondering whether BFV will meet the same fate as BFII. Over on Twitter, David Sirland, who’s the Multiplayer Producer on Battlefield V, was asked by a fan regarding post-launch content, and if BFV “will be another SWBF2.”

For context: Sirland was part of the Battlefield 1 live team that delivered fantastic post-launch content to the shooter after the main DICE team has moved on to other projects. Hence, why he referenced BF4 and not Battlefield 1, or the other Battlefield titles.

In case you’re wondering if you should be worried on how the game’s shaping up, don’t, as the still-in-development shooter even won the “Best Multiplayer” award at gamescom!

I’d say a big congratulations are in order to DICE, no?

In other Battlefield V news, make sure to check out some of the leaked BFV Rotterdam gameplay floating around, we also posted new info regarding the medic class, and a plethora of screenshots on how gun customization works this time around.

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