Battlefield V Single-Player and Audio Q&A Is the Highlight of This Week’s Debrief

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In case you didn’t know, DICE dropped a lot of info regarding Battlefield V’s single-player campaign this past week. You can check out the trailer, and some gameplay footage right now if you want. However, if you’re interested in knowing more about the finer details, or you have a few burning questions in mind about, maybe this latest round of Q&A will have the answer.

As part of DICE’s “Weekly Debrief,” the studio rounded out the best questions and answered them as best as they can. Check out the full Q&A below.

Video Feedback – Battlefield V Official Single Player Trailer


  • Have you considered allowing game decisions to impact the outcome of the story line? How come we don’t see that in BFV War Stories?
  • Joel Fagerlund (Development Director): We don’t allow changes to a story line through your actions. However, how you choose to perform the actions within the story line is up to you and your preferred play style. It will, however, not change the story line.
  • What is the gameplay runtime of War Stories in total?
  • Dan Mitre (Global Community Manager): Hard to give you an exact time, but from play tests we are seeing the 4 stories plus the prologue take players around 6 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • Are the BFV War Stories longer than the BF1 War Stories?
  • DM: As always, it depends on the player, but we think you’ll get anywhere from 1-2 hours in each. Generally speaking, these are meatier than the War Stories in Battlefield 1.


  • If there is a pilot/flying mission, are the controls and mechanics the same as multiplayer?
  • JM: Yes, the controls are the same as Multiplayer.


  • Will the BFV Prologue be like BF1’s Prologue?
  • JM: No, we wanted to differentiate from BF1. What we wanted to achieve with the Prologue is to give the player a sense of the scale and complexity of this big, global conflict.
  • Are we going to get perspectives for both the British and the Germans in the Prologue?
  • DM: No comment. We don’t want to spoil anything! You’ll have to wait and see.


  • The trailer provides a mashup of scenes. We’re speculating but the German Ace is a controllable character, right?
  • DM: Hey! Like I said… no spoilers. You’ll have to play it yourself.


  • Will there in be weapons/vehicles that are available in War Stories but not immediately available in multiplayer?
  • JM: Yes, both weapons and vehicles are available in War Stories that are not available at launch in Multiplayer.


  • Please make the French helmets green! Blue wasn’t used since the early 1920’s. What’s up?
  • JM: During our research, we found out that the old Tirailleur units were so ill-equipped, so they actually preferred to use old equipment by choice.

Tides of War

  • Will there be more War Stories coming in Tides of War?
  • Dan Mitre (Global Community Manager): No, after The Last Tiger is released in December, there is currently no plan to add additional War Stories through Tides of War.


  • Will you ensure that any unlocked items are relatively easy to attain, and are not accidentally patched? In BF1, there was an achievement to shoot down X planes in Y seconds with the AA canon. A few months later, the AA damage was reduced in multiplayer, which made this achievement impossible in single player.
  • JM: Our goal is to not have this happen within Battlefield V.
  • Will there be in-game collectibles around the map to gather and find?
  • JM: Yes, there are multiple collectibles in each chapter and it pays off to go and explore more remote locations.
  • Will the campaign have a couple of unlocks that we can use in multiplayer?
  • JM: Yes. We’re going to keep those a secret for you to discover.
  • Will we earn some credits, weapons, skins or dog tags?
  • JM: Yes. Completing War Stories in their entirety (100%) will unlock items for your Company and some Dog Tags. Good luck!


  • There is a flag on the Tiger Tank we see in the trailer. Will this customization be available in multiplayer?
  • JM: No, not at launch at least.

Video Feedback – Battlefield V Dev Talks Episode #4 – Audio Production & Authenticity

Sound Design

  • Are there any weapon sounds you had to fabricate in the studio, or are all the sounds captured from real weapons
  • Andreas Almstrom (Sr. Audio Artist): Everything is real. However, sometimes we spice up a mechanical layer from a shoot with foley from a similar weapon to get more details if the mics on set didn’t capture what the essence of that weapon was. We try to stay true to the real thing as much as possible.
  • For weapons that are scarce/very rare, just in general hard to get a hold of, how do you create the audio for those type of weapons?
  • AA: We try to find analogies, like a similar action in a similar caliber.

Different Materials

  • How do you capture audio for bullets hitting different materials, such as an MG42 hitting a helmet?
  • AA: In general, for bullet impacts we do record as much as possible, but sometimes we have to be creative and mix-and-match different recordings to get what we want. For helmet impacts we had a session a few years back where we recorded impacts on helmets by both throwing rocks at it and hitting it with a ball hammer to get the resonance from it.

In other BFV news, DICE has confirmed that The Last Tiger chapter in War Stories is the only single-player DLC we’ll see post-launch. Info regarding Tides of War will be swimming its way out next week, too.