Battlefield V Update Rolling Out Now for All Platforms, Here’s Some of the Changes (Update)

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DICE has released the patch notes! Here they are (via Reddit):

Battlefield V 11-14-2018 Update Notes

This is a smaller update that resolves a few stability issues that we’ve identified as well as a squishing a few bugs related to game modes.

This update also enables RTX ray tracing for graphics card that support this feature.

  • Change List
    • Fixed an issue that could result in a very uneven number of players at the start of a round.
    • Made improvements to matchmaking with a full squad which should result in less disconnects.
    • In some cases, the revive functionality would suddenly stop to function for all of the players on a server. This has now been fixed.
    • Further improvements to game client stability have been made.
    • In the Airborne game mode, spawn protection has been added when attackers spawn into planes. The planes are no longer as vulnerable to AA fire as they used to be at longer distances.
    • Fixed an issue in Airborne where the bomb carriers could finish arming the objective even though they were dead.
    • Players can no longer shoot down airplanes too quickly in Airborne, which could result in the attackers not being able to spawn.
    • In War Stories, players are no longer able to collect Letters while playing offline due to them not being able to update the persistence counters, which requires an online connection.
    • Fixed an issue where a weapon would disappear on the weapon selection screen.
    • Fixed an issue in Frontlines mode on Devastation where the bomb in some rare cases spawned inside a wall.
    • Fixed an issue which made the menus unusable when cancelling a matchmaking session.
    • Fixed an issue with the lens sight alignment on the MP34 weapon.
  • Xbox One Only
    • Improved how the game resumes when using the Xbox One Instant-On function.
  • PC Only
    • RTX ray tracing can now be enabled with graphics cards that support this function.

How to Enable DXR for PC

If you have an Nvidia video card capable of utilizing their ray-tracing technology, today you’ll be able to dive in for the first time with this amazing tech.

First, you’ll need to ensure you’ve installed the Battlefield V 11-14-2018 Update, and have the latest Nvidia drivers. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure you’ve installed the latest Windows 10 Update – “Windows 10 October 2018 Update”. If you have automatic updates turned on for Windows, you should have it installed. If you don’t have automatic updates turned on, you can manually check for the update and download it here.

Some details to help you get started:

  1. Install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (RS5) – Windows 10 will automatically download the October 2018 Update on your computer if you’ve turned on automatic updates in Windows Update settings. When the update is ready, you’ll be asked to pick a time to install it. After it’s installed, your computer will be running Windows 10, version 1809. If you want to install the update now, select Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update, and then select Check for updates. If updates are available, install them.
  2. Enable DX12 & DXR in Battlefield V – To enable Ray Tracing in Battlefield V, go to VIDEO -> ADVANCED to enable DX12 and DXR in the game

Original Story:

In case you missed it, DICE announced yesterday that a Battlefield V update is planned to roll out today, and it’s happening now across PC, Xbox One, and PS4! If you find that you suddenly got kicked out of a match, that’s why.

Here’s the exact time when the Battlefield V update is released, and the file size per platform.

The update will be available for the following platforms at the following times:

  • PC – Update will be rolling out to PC players starting on Nov 14th at 900 UTC / 1:00AM PST.
  • Xbox One – Update will be rolling out to Xbox One players starting on Nov 14th at 1000 UTC / 2:00AM PST.
  • PS4 – Update will be rolling out to PS4 players starting at 1100 UTC/ 3:00AM PST.

The update will be the following sizes:

  • PC: 1.56GB
  • XB1: 530MB
  • PS4: 350MB

Note that the actual patch notes will be posted later today by DICE, and once they do, we’ll be sure to update the post. Thankfully, Jaqub Ajmal is posting some of the patch notes over on Twitter, which we’ve linked to below.


Again, once the full patch notes are out, we’ll update the post.

Have you noticed anything with this title update? If you’re on the fence whether to get Battlefield V or not, make sure to read our in-depth review to see if it’s worth your money. In other BFV news, DICE has teased an app for the game, and confirmed that we’ll be getting increased max ranks in new chapters.

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