Battlefield V Weapons and Vehicles to Be Discussed Tomorrow, Entire Week’s Activities Listed

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While we already mentioned that DICE will go in-depth when it comes to Battlefield V weapons and vehicles this week, it seems the studio did one better as it announced the entire week’s agenda in one go!

Over on Reddit, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre, announced that we’ll hear of Battlefield V’s weapons and vehicles tomorrow! What’s more, there’s going to be an entire blog post on the controversial Attrition system of Battlefield V!

This Week on Battlefield V – October 1st from r/BattlefieldV

Don’t forget, DICE also laid out a weekly debrief where the studio talked about some of the hot button topics about Battlefield V, and even talked about design decisions too. We also posted a quick look at some of the confirmed helmet/headgear customization options coming to the shooter.