Battlefield V Tank Customization Planned for Patch 6.2, Community Games Update Planned for Next Week

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While we’ve seen mention of Battlefield V tank customization options and whatnot since early last year, the feature still isn’t out yet and we’re in 2020. Well, it seems things are about to change soon if DICE is to be believed.

Over on Twitter, Global Community Manager PartWelsh mentioned that DICE is planning to roll out Battlefield V tank customization after patch 6.2, which will drop after 6.0, which is scheduled for early February.

During Chapter 6 we’ll make good on a Promise. Tank Customization is currently planned for our 6.2 Update later in the Chapter, and I’ll be keen to show you more as we get closer to that. Thanks for keeping us honest! This truly is #ComingSoon #Battlefield

That’s definitely good news, right? Well, that’s not all. If you’re looking forward to new announcements and such regarding Community Games,we’ll be getting that (hopefully) by next week! This was revealed by DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock when he answered a Reddit user.

Speaking of patch 6.2, DICE talked about that and the upcoming patch (6.0) which you can read about here. Don’t forget, Chapter 6 “Into the Jungle” will be deployed soon, and here’s what to expect.

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