Brigitte Is Indeed Overwatch Hero 27, Now Available on PTR

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After a ridiculous number of Overwatch Brigitte rumors circling the web, it’s good to finally see that Blizzard has now officially confirmed that Brigitte will indeed be the game’s next hero. Taking the 27th spot on the roster, Brigitte is primarily a Support character, who dabbles in the art of Tank.

PC players with access to the PTR can download and install the latest update, which will make Brigitte available to play.

Watch the Overwatch Brigitte origin story and developer breakdown below:

Overwatch Brigitte Origin Story

Meet the engineer turned valiant squire who fights on the front line to protect her allies: Brigitte.

Overwatch Brigitte Developer Breakdown and Guide

Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduces Overwatch’s 27th hero, BRIGITTE—providing some insight to her back story, abilities, and overall strategy. Brigitte is currently available for testing on the PTR.

0:19 Brigitte Introduction

1:33 Jeff breaks down Brigitte’s abilities

4:06 Brigitte’s passive ability explained

4:42 Brigitte’s ultimate ability explained

5:50 Jeff discusses Brigitte’s play-style

Source: Overwatch (YouTube)

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