Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Weapons List – Here’s Every Primary, Secondary, and Grenades

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We’ve already listed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare perks and Field Upgrades, and even posted a gameplay demo of every killstreak reward in the game, but this time, it’s the weapons’ turn! Below is the known complete Modern Warfare 2019 weapons list!

Note that the weapons listed below are just the ones shown by Infinity Ward at the press event, and is not the final weapons list that will be available at launch.

Modern Warfare 2019 weapons list – Primary weapons:


  • M13 – Automatic assault rifle featuring a short stroke piston system that keeps the fire rate high and the recoil low.
  • FR 5.56 – 3 round burst bullpup battle rifle. A well placed burst can be extremely deadly at intermittent ranges.
  • M4A1 – Fully automatic, all purpose battle rifle. Control your shots, and this weapon can be very effective at range.
  • AK-47 – Very reliable automatic assault rifle chambered in 7.62mm Soviet. Large caliber ammunition requires skill to control recoil.


  • MP5 – Fully automatic 9mm sub machine gun. A perfect balance of stability, mobility, and lethality.
  • MP7 – Compact by design, this fully automatic weapon has a high rate of fire and low recoil.
  • AUG – A modular fully automatic weapon configured for mobility and close range combat.


  • Model 680 – Reliable, well rounded 12 gauge Pump-action shotgun.
  • 725 – Break action shotgun with 2 round capacity. A long back-bored barrel and cylindrical choke keeps spread tight and lethal over extended ranges.


  • M91 – Robust light machine gun sacrifices mobility for stability. High caliber sustained fire will neutralize targets at long ranges.
  • L86A2 – Fully automatic bullpup light machine gun. Lower rate of fire and 5.56mm ammunition keeps this rifle stable and effective at long ranges.


  • M14 – Semi Automatic long range battle rifle balances rate of fire with lethality.
  • MK2 – Highly accurate lever action rifle. Will neutralize an enemy with one well placed round to the head or chest.


  • AX-50 – Hard hitting, bolt action sniper rifle with .50 cal BMG ammunition. Limited mobility, ultimate stopping power.

Modern Warfare 2019 weapons list – Primary secondary weapons:


  • .50 GS – The most powerful semi-automatic handgun available, .50 AE ammunition deals heavy damage up to intermediate ranges.
  • M19 – Semi-automatic 9mm pistol, excellent stability with a rapid cycle rate.
    • PILA – Fires unguided rockets.
    • Strela-P – Free-fire or vehicle lock-on.

Modern Warfare 2019 weapons list – Lethal and Tactical grenades:


  • Frag Grenade – Cookable fragmentation grenade.
  • Semtex – Timed sticky grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail – Improvised incendiary device that explodes on impact.
  • Claymore – Proximity-activated explosive mine.
  • Throwing Knife – Retrievable knife that is lethal on impact.
  • C4 – Large explosive that sticks to surfaces and can be detonated remotely with ‘E’ (on PC) or by double tapping ‘R’ (reload button).
  • Thermite – Burns fiercely for a short while after impact. Sticks to all surfaces.
  • Proximity Mine – Pressure-triggered explosive that deals heavy damage to vehicles.


  • Flash Grenade – Blinds and deafens targets
  • Smoke Grenade – Deploys a smoke screen that blocks vision and automated targeting systems.
  • Stun Grenade – Slows victim’s movement and aiming. Effective against equipment.
  • Stim – Military stimulant that cauterizes combat wounds.
  • Decoy Grenade – Counter-intel grenade that simulators fake gunfire and radar signatures that confuse the enemy.
  • Gas Grenade – Explodes on impact with the ground releasing a lingering cloud of tear gas that causes slowed movement, blurred vision, and coughing.
  • Snapshot Grenade – Provides a momentary glimpse of enemies within the blast radius.
  • Heartbeat Sensor – A tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies.

Again, just a reminder that this is NOT the full list of weapons, but only the weapons show in the press event. So be prepared for more armaments come launch. Also, don’t forget that guns will have 40+ attachments each.

Source: Screen Rant

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