Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cross Save Still Up in the Air, Infinity Ward Using Beta for Mini Map Feedback

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While it’s already known that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will support crossplay, there’s no word yet on whether Modern Warfare cross save will also be a thing. It seems there’s a good reason why we haven’t heard of this yet, and that’s because Infinity Ward themselves are figuring it out.

Over on Twitter, Joe Cecot, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer confirmed this Modern Warfare cross save info when answering a fan.

On another note, it’s also known by now that Modern Warfare will, for the first time, not feature a mini map in multiplayer! Instead, the game will feature an in-game compass, and feature teammates’ outlines in order to help with tactics and communication. But the standard mini map where you can see your teammates, and enemies when they fire their un-suppressed weapons? Yeah, that’s gone. Now, if you were hoping that Infinity Ward changes their mind regarding this, you’re in luck! Studio Art Director Joel Emslie was asked whether Infinity Ward was open to changing the mini map situation if enough people aren’t happy with it in the beta, to which Emslie confirmed that the studio prefers if gamers tried for themselves and didn’t rely on secondhand feedback(ie: influencers, etc.).

As someone who prefers that there be a mini map, I”m glad Infinity Ward is keeping an open mind about this. Let’s see what the general consensus will be once the beta rolls around in September.

It’s been a very busy last few days so far regarding the game, and if you want to keep tabs on the stories we run for Modern Warfare, make sure to bookmark and refresh our game hub.

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