Death Stranding Reference Spotted in Perfume Ad; Check It Out Now

Cosmetic company O Boticário recently published a commercial for their new perfume dubbed as “The Blend,” and while this is just that, a commercial for a perfume, there is oddly a scene that has many Death Stranding fans pointing out to be a direct reference. Don’t believe there’s a Death Stranding reference? Check it out for yourself below.

You can see the comparison picture below from the perfume commercial (via Reddit) and the Death Stranding TGA 2017 trailer. We made a side-by-side .gif of it so you can decide for yourself.

Death Stranding game creator Hideo Kojima in the past has been known to do some crazy, yet weird viral marketing for his games. With Metal gear Solid V, he set out to mislead the world by dubbing a strange new game from a newly found (but fake) studio called Moby Dick. With Metal Gear Solid 4 we saw many merchandising crossovers, and in fact when you started that game up you were treated with an assortment of all kinds of weird videos that took place in the Metal gear Solid universe.

Point here is, we know he does some strange things, and Death Stranding is no exception to that rule. Chances are, Kojima most likely played no part in this and that the company simply saw the Death Stranding trailer and was clearly inspired by it to include such a scene.

Maybe this is some Death Stranding viral marketing ploy? Perhaps a Death Stranding perfume (highly unlikely). What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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