Dying Light 2 New Game+ Requests Acknowledged by Techland, Seeks Feedback for Accessibility Options

Dying Light 2 Update 1.08

Have you already finished Dying Light 2? While the game is packed with content, that hasn’t stopped gamers from finishing it (relatively) quickly. However, it seems that even after the game’s main campaign is over, some players want to play it again, and have been requesting a Dying Light 2 New Game+ mode.

Over on Twitter, Techland Lead Designer Tymon Smektala has acknowledged the requests for a New Game+ mode for Dying Light 2, and while he can’t confirm any dates, or what’ll be in it, he hopes that it will happen “soon.

In another Twitter convo, Smektala asked the player base for accessibility options, and what the primary concerns are.

Finally, a fan asked Smektala whether there would be a gore fix/overhaul, to which he confirmed “yep.”

Given how Techland already promised five years of post-launch support, I’d say a New Game+ mode makes a ton of sense. Let’s hope that this is rolled out soon, but not before the game’s main isues are resolved first. The zombie action game received a patch last week to fix the nagging death loop bug on PC, and we’re expecting it to be released on consoles this coming week once it passes certification.

In case you haven’t picked up Dying Light 2 yet, you really ought to, and our review should help you decide since we awarded it with a high 8.5/10 score.

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