Epic Games Has “Restored” Fortnite Dragon Weapons

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Following the community outcry at the changes made to Fortnite Dragon Weapons, Epic Games has been working on a fix. As confirmed by EPIC_Clintonious on Reddit, the fix has now been rolled out, and players should start to see schematics that were affected by the 3.2 changes, now restored back into the Armory.

Here’s the Reddit post confirming the fix:

Hey Folks,

As a follow-up to our recent message about the 3.2 changes, we’ll be restoring Dragon Weapon schematics affected by the rerolls introduced in v3.2 back into your Armory. You’ll get to keep your current Dragon Weapon schematics as well.

We’re rolling out the Dragon Weapon grants tonight (3/13) for the players affected.

Thanks for being patient with us!

EDIT 11:05PM EST: The restoration is complete and players should have their original Dragon Weapon schematic in their Armory. If you don’t see it then you may need to restart the game.

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