Fortnite Bugs Plague Game After Update, Players Suffering Reloading & ADS Issues

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After a lengthy period of downtime, Fortnite‘s servers have finally been restored, and players should now be able to enjoy the improvements made with the latest update. Unfortunately, it looks the recent patch has also added some unwanted features.

Fortnite bugs are now hampering the enjoyment of players. Particularly nasty examples include not being able to reload, or exit ADS.

Thankfully, Epic Games has acknowledged the issues, and says that a fix is being worked on.

Known Issues:

  • Stuck in ADS
  • Visual problems with building selector UI – Example: Building selector shows you have stairs selected, but you build walls.
  • Reloading issues


  • Key binding issues for AZERTY/FR Keyboards – we deployed a minor PC-only patch on the 01.26 at 3:30 am EST.

Not the greatest day for Fortnite, but at least the Epic Games team have been exceptionally transparent. I’m sure players will appreciate that.

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Source: Epic Games

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