Fortnite Game Modes Guide: Fortnite Solid Gold Mode Explained

fortnite solid gold mode

A new Fortnite Limited Time Mode has launched, with players now able to access and play the Solid Gold mode. “What is the Fortnite Solid Gold mode?” I hear you ask. Well, let me break it down for you, recommend some good weapons, and then tell you when the fun is likely to end.

Fortnite Solid Gold Mode: What Is It?

The Fortnite Solid Gold mode is the normal battle royale experience, only with every drop being the Legendary variant. Yep, that’s right, there’s no room for anything but Legendary weapons in the Fortnite Solid Gold mode, so prepare to be showered in yellow drops, and watch out for enemies wielding them, too!

Fortnite Solid Gold Mode: Best Weapons

As for which Fortnite Solid Gold mode weapons are the best, you’ll definitely want to make sure you look out for sniper rifles, which come in both the semi-auto and bolt-action flavors. Then there’s the new hand cannon, which packs one hell of a punch. Stealthy players will want to pick up the suppressed pistol, and those wanting to “go loud” can do so with the minigun and rocket launcher.

fortnite solid gold mode

Fortnite Solid Gold Mode: When Does It End?

Epic Games hasn’t yet announced when the Fortnite Solid Gold mode will come to an end. As it’s a Limited Time Mode, we know that it won’t be featured forever. If it’s anything like previous LTMs, we’d expect it to be available for a week or so.

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