Fortnite Minigun Update Time Delayed, Epic Games Talks Building Mechanics Changes

Fortnite Minigun Update Time

Fortnite Minigun Update Time Delayed, Epic Games Talks Building Changes

It seems Epic Games still has a case of the hiccups, with the Fortnite minigun update time being delayed. There’s no clear ETA, either, which means players could be waiting a long while until they can finally wield the minigun weapon.

The silver lining here is the level of communication on display. For anyone following @FortniteGame on Twitter, you’ll know that they are keen to keep the community informed. What’s more, Epic Games regularly posts on the game’s subreddit with new information.

Epic Games’ “MrPopTFS” created a Reddit thread explaining the Fortnite minigun update time delay, while also talking about changes to building mechanics.

Here’s the full post:

We hear your concerns regarding bugs that you are experiencing since V.2.3.0, especially those regarding building. It’s taking us longer than expected to fix these issues and we’re working through some major ones. If we’re unable to fix them today the v2.4.0 release will be delayed. Once we have a better idea of when the patch will arrive we’ll update everyone.

In order to help make building feel better we’ll be reverting to the building bar system that was present in V.2.2.0. We intend on finding a more permanent fix to make building and item selection feel more crisp in the future. We’ve also added some tools to help us better diagnose in-game issues when new bugs do arise.

Be sure to check the patch notes again because we’ve added more items to the “Known Bugs” section. In addition to that, we’ve also created a “Fixed Bugs” section to inform every one of the immediate fixes we’ve done that delayed this patch.

Note: We have bugs that will come in with the v.2.4.0 release, see the Known Bugs section at the top of our notes for a full list. Please continue to let us know about anything new you find once V.2.4.0 does release

Thank you for your continued patience.

Fortnite Minigun Update Time

Stay tuned for more updates on the Fortnite minigun update time! Here’s hoping it arrives soon!

Are you looking forward to the Fortnite minigun? What other weapons do you want to see featured in the Battle Royale portion? Let us know.

In other Fortnite news, players are to be compensated for the downtime and party issues, here’s the latest community stats showcase, and Epic Games is ending support for Paragon this April.

Source: Reddit

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