Fortnite Shopping Carts Fix Implemented With Hotfix

Fortnite Shopping Carts Fix

Epic Games is rolling out a Fortnite shopping carts fix to help lessen the number of bugs and glitches surrounding the new vehicle. This fix will not require any downtime and won’t impact in-progress games.

Fortnite Shopping Carts Fix:

We’ll be pushing an update shortly to resolve the following issues:

  • Fixed a Shopping Cart bug which caused all players to be eliminated.
  • Fix for not taking fall damage while in a Shopping Cart
  • Server stability fixes

This update will not require downtime and will not impact your in-progress games.

Note: In addition, we’re working on another update that addresses an issue with wins not being counted for console players which will be released on 5/31.

This Fortnite shopping carts fix should hopefully reduce the number of crazy incidents involving the new vehicles, making for less frustrating deaths!

In other Fortnite news, the 4.3 update has been rolled out and adds shopping carts and more, a PUBG vs Fortnite legal battle has begun in Korea, and a summer 2018 target has been set for Fortnite Android.

Source: Reddit

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