Fortnite Teams of 20 Is the Next Limited Time Mode

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Boot up Fortnite, and you’ll get a glimpse at the new Fortnite Teams of 20 Limited Time Mode. Like the 50v50 game type that players have previously experienced, the Teams of 20 mode promises bigger teams and bigger battles. As you probably gathered, Fortnite Teams of 20 splits players into five teams of 20, who fight until only team is left standing.

Expect Fortnite Teams of 20 to be similar to 50v50, only with fewer friendly players, and a lot more enemies. Stick together, stay on your toes, and you should be able to survive!

As with previous Limited Time Modes, you can expect Fortnite Teams of 20 to be available for a week or so.

Here’s what the menu notification teaser looks like in-game:

fortnite teams of 20

Are you looking forward to the Fortnite Teams of 20 mode? Let us know.

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