Fully Working DIY Nintendo Switch XL Looks Awesome

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The Nintendo Switch is great at being both a home and portable console. However, when undocked and taken on-the-go, the Switch loses a few key features, and players are forced to  game on the small screen.

In an attempt to merge the two modes, by combining docked functionality with a larger screen in a still-portable device, YouTube userz My Mate VINCE has created the “DIY Nintendo Switch XL.”

Take a look at how he’s created this beast, and watch him play some games, by clicking “Play” on the video below.

Hi, this video shows a homemade Nintendo Switch XL. So basically it is using a small TV but the whole thing is portable (run from batteries). This will allow you to play in handheld and table top mode in 1080p and have a larger screen.

The set up in the video is just a proof of concept but if you were willing to spend £350 then you can get beautiful 1080p Monitors with sound and powered by 5V USB. If you used one large capacity power bank with a dual outlet then you could power the screen and the Switch from the one power bank which would save a lot of room and weight.

Let me know in the comments below if you think the idea is ridiculous or whether you like it.

If the video and comments prove popular then I will invest the money in the decent set up which will look much better and thinner and be more portable with a kickstand with different levels.

Just to save any confusion the TV panel in the video is 720P (HD Ready) but using this method will output 1080P on a 1080P panel. Whenever you dock the Nintendo Switch it outputs up to 1080P while normally handheld is only 720P.

What do you make of this DIY Nintendo Switch XL? Let us know in the comments.

In other Nintendo Switch news, Pokémon for the Switch is in the localization stage, the paid online is scheduled to launch in September, and a Mario movie is being made in partnership with Illumination.

Source: My Mate VINCE (YouTube) via Game Informer

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