Here Are Some of the Best Battlefield Moments From the Franchise

best battlefield moments

While the Battlefield franchise might seem like your regular military, first-person shooter, franchise vets know it’s anything but. Sure, there’s your typical sniping montage, but for the most part, the most memorable stuff in the game are when “Battlefield Moments” happen.

What are Battlefield Moments? Simply put, these are unscripted (or sometimes scripted) scenarios in multiplayer that can only happen in Battlefield! Stuff like flying a jet, jumping out, sniping someone and then getting back in are just some of the most memorable stuff we’ve seen from every game in the franchise.

Having said that, check out some of the best Battlefield moments from the clips below! Some are funny, some are inventive, and some are just downright ridiculuous! Whatever you think of these are, one thing’s for sure: these are the stuff that can only be done in Battlefield.

One of the most iconic moments ever – the “Renderzook!”

Getting UAV roadkills in Bad Company 2 was just fun as heck!

Attacking C using a jetski!

This is just badass! James Bond the original!

Putting a jet ski on a jet!

Now this is a true gunship!

Throwing Knife vs. a chopper?

Tanking to the limit


Watch the whip!

Tank bouncing blasts a jet out of the sky!

Flying hovercraft?!

That’s about it. Do you have an amazing Battlefield moment to share? Link us below in the comments or post a gif!

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