Here’s the Complete Monster Hunter World Decorations List

monster hunter world decorations list

If you’re at the end-game in Monster Hunter World, chances are you’re collecting Decorations to round out your build. Those who are at this juncture might be wondering just what the complete Monster Hunter World Decorations list looks like, and what else they don’t have.

Well, thanks to Reddit user BcRcCr, you don’t need to look further! Below is the complete Monster Hunter World Decorations list, complete with rarity value, max stack rank, and of course, what skills each Decoration has.

Judging from the list, there’s quite a few more that I need to complete my collection of high value Decorations. If you’re still grinding away at the Elder Melder, we also posted a mini guide on how you can exploit the RNG system a little bit to help you find the Decorations you want.

For more Monster Hunter World guides, news and more, keep checking back on our Monster Hunter World game hub.

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