Kojima Teases a Death Stranding Announcement “That Will Further Surprise Everyone in 2018”

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Hideo Kojima is teasing big things for Death Stranding and 2018. In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Kojima gave a brief update on how the game is coming along. He said that Sony Interactive Entertainment commented that “[they] have never seen a game being created at such a fast pace.”

Kojima also mentioned that “[Kojima Productions] is planning an announcement that will further surprise everyone in 2018.”

Following the bizarre-as-hell, but still incredibly fascinating, TGA 2017 trailer, many gamers are keen to see and learn more about Death Stranding. More information on what exactly the world is, and what rules it follows, would certainly be welcome. However, it looks like Kojima has more confusion planned for 2018.

I’m eager to see what’s next from Kojima and Death Stranding. New AAA IPs are always worth paying close attention to, especially one developed by Kojima sans Konami.

Are you looking forward to seeing what’s next from Death Stranding? Let us know.

Source: Dengeki PlayStation via Gematsu

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