Marvel’s Avengers Game Update 1.05 September 4 Sneaks Out (Update #2)

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.20 December 16

Heads up, Avenger! Crystal Dynamics has released the Marvel’s Avengers game update 1.05 September 4 patch, and it’s a small download. Clocking in at just 90MB, the patch is now live on all platforms. Head on below for more info about it.

Marvel’s Avengers Game Update 1.05 September 4 patch notes:

Crystal Dynamics has released the offical patch notes for all platforms via the game’s Discord channel!

PS4: V1.2.3


  • Backup Save: Available in the Settings menu, this feature backs up your save files. Your progress will be saved every hour. If you run into any issues with a corrupted save file, this can potentially help retrieve and revert to a different save file. Please note: This may not work for everyone, and will not address issues with save files that existed prior to this patch.  


  • Fixed an issue where the Square Enix Members interface would appear too frequently.
  • Network improvements


  • Last Avenger Standing now works as desired when characters switch out.

Xbox: V1.2.2


  • Various UI Improvements 
  • Save Game optimizations      
  • Fixed issues with Exotic Artifact abilities 
  • Addressed character model bugs with young Kamala and Thor 

Patch V1.2.3 for Xbox is currently pending but expected to roll out later today. We will update this blog and share on social as soon as it is live!

The PC patch notes are available now. Note that there are PC-specific fixes, so for console notes, we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Check it out below (via Steam):

We have just released our first patch for Marvel’s Avengers, build 12.9. This patch is primarily focused on stability, based on the data we have collected after Early Access started a few days ago.

The patch will be applied by Steam automatically when you next start the game. If your game does not update, please restart the Steam client.

List of fixes for this patch:

  • Implemented work-around for NVIDIA 10-series driver problem that was causing crashes when using ALT-TAB, ALT-ENTER, and other situations.
  • Enabling Steam Cloud to allow you to easily synchronize your save-games between multiple PCs.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some players to be unable to throw rocks as Hulk or to shoot as Iron Man.
  • Fix for a DEVICE_HUNG crash some users experienced in the sewers.
  • Various other stability improvements.

We are aware of a number of other issues that are causing problems for some of our players, and teams are hard at work addressing those, but for now we want to make sure we get these stability improvements that have already been identified to all of you. Please keep your feedback coming, and we will be releasing further patches as fixes are found.

Crystal Dynamics has not released the official patch notes yet outside of “various bug fixes and improvements,” being listed, but some users have reported that it has fixed the Chimera bug that prevent people from progressing further.

Unfortunately, what we do know is, it hasn’t addressed the matchmaking issues the game currently is suffering from, nor does it fix the character skins suddenly disappearing or becoming locked again after earning them already.

We’re on the lookout for official patch notes, and will update the post once Crsytal Dynamics shares any.

For those starting out, we recommend checking out our Marvel’s Avengers guides. While we have all the hero skill trees listed along with images here,  we also posted a stat terminology guide that will help gamers understand what “Might” or “Resilience” does in terms of gameplay.

In addition to that, we posted a handy guide that will let you farm daily and weekly challenges super fast.

Stay tuned to our review hitting the site soon, as well as character builds and skills recommendations.

Update: Added official PC patch notes.

Update #2: Added console patch notes

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