Modern Warfare Playlist Update Now Live, Adds Drop Zone, Shoot the Ship & More

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As previously mentioned yesterday, a new Modern Warfare playlist update is set to come out today, and it’s live now on all platforms! The Modern Warfare playlist update today is just for playlist additions, though ones that should be welcomed by the community. Note that this is a server-side update, and doesn’t require a download.

Chief among the new playlists is the introduction of the new game mode called Drop Zone, Snowfight (that has players playing Gunfight mode with snowballs instead of guns!), and “Shoot the Ship,” which combines Shipment and Shoot House into a 24/7 mosh pit of modes! If you’re someone who loves carnage and spawn killing, then this should be your bag! The playlist states “All Shoot House. All Shipment. All the time,” which is as plain as you can get.

Description for Drop Zone:

Drop Zone: Drop Zone comes to Modern Warfare with its distinct objective play that rewards players even more than standard game modes for playing the objective. The only way to earn Killstreaks is by continually holding the drop zone to have a Care Package delivered to your location.

In addition to the new playlists, players can expect double XP, and double tier XP for those grinding their Battle Pass. Speaking of which, there’s a new bundle available in the in-game store too called the “Mad Chemist.” You can check out the contents of that and more right here.
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