More Destiny 2 1.1.4 Update Details: Big Changes to Sandbox and Crucible

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Bungie has offered another patch notes preview for the upcoming Destiny 2 1.1.4 update, which promises big changes to both Crucible and the Sandbox.

Here are the new and updated changes coming in the Destiny 2 1.1.4 update:

Destiny 2 1.1.4 Update: Crucible Changes

Respawn and Revive were tuned in all game modes

  • Player respawn timers for all Quickplay modes have been reduced to 2s.
  • Player respawn timers for Survival have been reduced to 7s
  • Revive lockout time in Countdown has been reduced to 7s
  • Players no longer lose Revive Tokens on death

Power Ammo respawn timers were adjusted across the board

  • Power Ammo respawn timers in Iron Banner have been reduced ~50%
  • Power Ammo respawn timers for all Quickplay modes have been reduced ~30%.
  • Power Ammo respawn timers in Survival have been reduced ~40%.
  • Power Ammo respawn timers in Countdown have been reduced ~25%

Ammo counts have been adjusted in relation to these timers, and in relation to weapon type.

  • In almost all cases weapons either retained the same ammo count or received a buff. Swords and rockets were brought down to stay in line with the rest of the weapon offering.

Enemy players now drop their Power Ammo on death.

  • This brick is now networked to all players regardless of faction. Secure the power ammo to keep it from your foes or steal off your enemy’s ghost, but be quick because these bricks don’t stay in the world forever.

Destiny 2 1.1.4 Update: Sandbox Changes

All three glides plus Catapult and Strafe Lift have been retuned and buffed to make them faster and more unique.

The mobility stat range has been expanded and completely retuned as well. In short, everyone gets faster and the high end is higher.

The players’ ground speed cap has been increased, allowing for faster total movement speed, regardless of how you may get there.

Arcstrider, Sentinel, and Striker all move faster, and at the same speed as one another, while in their Supers.

Arcstrider, as a whole, is performing well in PvP but mostly due to its neutral game perks. We’ve made the following changes in an effort to get the Super to be a more competitive option:

  • Faster Attack Animations.
  • Faster Dodge Animations.
  • Increased range of all attacks.

The previous Shoulder Charge changes are being reverted, allowing Shoulder Charge to be used as a movement mode once again.

Dawnblade has been improved:

  • Reduced cost for throwing swords, allowing for one additional throw
  • Increased super duration extension gained from “Everlasting Fire”
  • Removed all in-air accuracy penalties while “Swift Strike” is active
  • Reduced the Icarus Dash cooldown
  • Increased the Grenade and Melee energy “Heat Rises” gives you per kill

Invisibility on Dodge / Smoke Updates:

  • Invisibility on Dodge no longer breaks Aim Assist or Projectile Tracking in PvP (unchanged in PvE)
  • Dodging still breaks both Aim Assist and Projectile Tracking, but only for the duration of the actual dodge
  • Increased the duration of Invisibility on Dodge by 1 second
  • Increased the duration of Smoke Bomb Invisibility by 1 second

Supers recharge faster for everyone!

  • Supers now recharge 1:40 faster, a cooldown reduction of 25%.

Mods that reduce Grenade, Melee and Class Ability cooldowns have been buffed to allow for up to 2x faster cooldowns.

  • This is NOT replacing Mods 2.0, which was recently delayed. More information is available below.

We’ve buffed several weapon archetypes (including, but not limited to, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns) and a few specific perks, as well. A key goal here is to make Shotguns, Snipers, and Fusion rifles more prevalent in the game.

Pulse Rifles

  • Increased PvE damage for all pulses
  • Increased rate of fire for adaptive and high-impact pulses
  • Increased base damage for adaptive, high-impact, and rapid-fire Pulses
  • Increased precision multiplier for lightweight pulses
  • Decreased precision multiplier for adaptive pulses
  • This keeps precision damage close to where it is now, putting most of the buff into body shots, though it is still an increase in precision damage overall.

Scout Rifles

  • Increased PvE damage for all scouts
  • Increased base damage for High-Impact Scouts

Hand Cannon

  • Increased PvE damage for all Hand Cannons
  • Increased precision multiplier for precision hand cannons
  • Increased hip fire accuracy on consoles
  • Increased ADS accuracy on consoles


  • Increased PvE damage for all sidearms
  • Increased hip fire accuracy
  • Increased ADS accuracy
  • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
  • Increased minimum range
  • Added an ADS movement bonus


  • Increased PvE damage for all SMG’s
  • Set Optics to 1.3x
  • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)

Linear Fusion Rifle

  • Increased PvE damage for all linear fusions
  • Increased precision multiplier
  • Increased aim assist
  • Reduced flinch multiplier


  • Increased PvE damage for all shotguns
  • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
  • Increased aim assist for Suros precision shotguns

Sniper Rifle

  • Increased PvE damage for all snipers
  • Increased precision multiplier
  • Increased aim assist
  • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)

Grenade Launcher

  • Increased blast radius

Assault Rifles

  • Decreased range and aim assist stats for precision autos (Uriel’s Gift). Base damage is not changed.

A few weapon perks are also getting some updates:

High Impact Reserves

  • Increased PvE damage

Kill Clip

  • Increased PvE damage


  • Increased PvE damage
  • Increased duration


  • Increased damage
  • Increased radius
  • Stronger visual effects

Grave Robber

  • Reloads .5 magazine instead of .3

Timed Payload

  • Splits damage 55 Explosive / 45 Direct instead of previous split which was more direct damage

Explosive Rounds

  • Decreased PvE Explosive Rounds damage
  • This decrease has been compensated for with an increase in PvE damage for the base weapons – your weapons with explosive rounds will not do less damage after 1.1.4

Bungie also mentioned changes coming to mods, the invisibility mechanics, and snipers. Give the full “This Week at Bungie” blog post a read here.

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