PS5 Console Tournaments Features Revealed; Easier Registration, Prizes, and More

ps5 console tournaments

Sony has just announced several new key details regarding the new PS5 console tournaments feature. The feature is promised to have a seamless sign-up process, a higher frequency, a new UI, and even participation prizes for some tournaments.

The PlayStation 5  console tournaments feature is meant to offer on-console competitions where players can engage and compete in their favorite games to win prizes across PlayStation events, challenges, leaderboard competitions, and much more.

The feature will make tournaments more easily accessible from the PS5 Control Center and Game Hub. It will also make them easy to sign-up for straight from the PS5 console itself with shorter tournament times using Bracket Capping and a higher frequency at regular intervals.

PlayStation 5 Tournaments registration

The feature will also feature real-time match results that are instantly displayed and reported right through the bracket, at any time. It will also have a brand-new UI built into the action card framework of the PS5 console.

Each tournament will offer a variety of prizes for all players. Sony promises equal access to a shot at the offered prizes regardless of skill level. Some tournaments will also offer unique rewards for simply participating.

Some of the new features you’ll find in PlayStation Tournaments for PS5 include:

Easily discoverable tournaments: Tournaments will be reachable from familiar places like the PS5 Control Center and Game Hub, making it simple to find the competitions you want to join. You can access tournaments by launching the Control Center with the PS button while an eligible game is open.

Seamless on-console signup: Registration can be done quickly and easily, straight from the PS5 console.*

Shorter tournament times: Bracket capping is a new mechanic we’re bringing to PlayStation Tournaments. Traditionally, tournament length increases when more participants compete. To minimise this effect, bracket size will be capped to ensure a standard duration for every tournament. If a cap is exceeded, multiple independent brackets will be created for the same tournament.

Higher tournament frequency: Tournaments will be offered at more often and regular intervals, so players with different schedules can find a more convenient time to compete.*

All-new UI: PlayStation Tournaments on PS5 comes with a brand-new UI built into the action card framework. You can pull up your bracket and other information about the tournament through the Control Center, even while playing a game. The interface creates a smoother tournament experience from start to finish, with the information you need right at your fingertips.

Real-time match results and automatic reporting: Match results are instantly displayed and automatically reported as you progress through the bracket, and you can see the status of the entire bracket at any time.

Prizing: Each tournament will have prizes up for grabs. Some tournaments will even offer unique rewards just for participating. All eligible players have equal access to a shot at the offered prizes regardless of skill level.

The PlayStation 5 console tournaments feature will start soon with an upcoming beta. Sony promises it will be listening to players’ feedback and will offer more features in the future.

Source: PlayStation Compete

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