PS5 Deep Dive Into System Architecture Happening Tomorrow

PS5 Trophies

While Microsoft unleashed quite a number of bombs yesterday with the Xbox Series X specs reveal and other stuff, Sony isn’t going to take it sitting down, as the company announced that a PS5 deep dive into the upcoming console’s architecture is happening tomorrow!

It takes place tomorrow at 9 a.m. PT/12 noon ET, and will be headed by Lead System Architect of the PS5 (and PS4) Mark Cerny. Expect it to happen at the PlayStation Blog.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic happening worldwide, gamers should expect more virtual reveals happening this year rather than physical press conferences. Mind, not really complaining since any next-gen news is good for everyone, and there’s Cerny’s soothing voice to listen to while he’s talking about the PS5’s system specs.

What are you expecting to see tomorrow? I’m personally hoping we get a glimpse of the new controller, but I doubt that’s happening. Heck, even a look at the console itself might be out of the question even.

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