PS5 Pre-Orders in the Philippines Will Only Be Live for 5 Minutes

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With the PS5 already out in some parts of the world, there are still a large amount of countries where Sony’s next-gen machine isn’t available yet. In Southeast Asia (or at least select countries in Southeast Asia), the PS5 will be available on December 11. If you thought snagging one was tough, it’s way tougher getting a PS5 pre-order in the Philippines!

According to various retailers, pre-orders for the country will be live for just five minutes! Yes, you read that right — FIVE minutes! This is online-only, and based on the wording, would-be buyers will need to plunk down the full amount for the pre-order, even!

Check out the announcement from some of the country’s retailers who will have PS5 units to sell come December 11:

As you can see from the announcements. it will strictly be one unit per person/account, and you’ll need to settle the full amount within the day (or within the hour depending on the store). Needless to say, I expect some servers to meltdown during this time. Chances are, these stores aren’t getting a lot of units, so the five-minute window is all they need to burn through their upcoming allocation (just conjencture on my part).

If you’re from the Philippines and manage to snag a pre-order, let us know how it went!