PSA: Star Wars Batlefront II Beta Now Open to Everyone, Here’s the Direct Download Link

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While we detailed a way for players to get in the early access phase of the Star Wars Battlefront II beta yesterday, that’s not needed today as the beta client is now open for everyone! Yep, regardless of platform, whether you pre-ordered or not, the Star Wars Battlefront II beta is now live!

If you’re playing on the PlayStation 4, you can use this link to initiate the download from your web browser. Xbox One users can download it here, and PC gamers can access it via Origin. Don’t forget, Star Wars Battlefront II beta participants will get a little reward that will carry over to the final game.

We already ran a lot of Battlefront II content based on the beta this week; like what improvements DICE has made compared to the 2015 original we dug the most, a look at the available classes and Heroes in the beta, and even a loot crate opening video.

Stay tuned for our Star Wars Battlefont II beta impressions later this week to see what we make of it so far.

Are you playing the Star Wars Battelfront II beta? What class do you prefer and why?