PUBG Update Now Live, Targets Hit Registration and Lobby Crash Issues

A new PUBG update is now live on PC. It’s a tiny 24.3 MB patch, yet features two important fixes. The first is to do with hit registration at longer ranges, and the second targets players crashing in lobbies.

Here’s the “patch notes” as tweeted by the official PUBG Twitter account:

And here’s the plain text version, just in case the Twitter embed fails you:

PC players, today we deployed a small patch that fixed an issue with long range hits not registering intermittently and an issue with the client crashing in the lobby. Please make sure to download this update if you haven’t already.

A small patch, packing some significant changes. Here’s hoping it helps make for an even more enjoyable experience!

In other PUBG news, the Xbox One “Game Preview” version entered the UK sales charts at #4, Minkonet is providing the tech behind the new 3D replay and killcam features, and a map selection option is coming to the game at some point after launch. The game has also surpassed the 3 million concurrent player milestone on PC.

Source: @PUBATTLEGROUNDS (Twitter)

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