PUBG vs Fortnite? NFL Star JJ Watt Provokes Battle Royale War

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While both games do the whole battle royale thing pretty differently — PUBG is more hardcore and realistic, while Fortnite is cartoony and has building mechanics — both titles are insanely popular, and have built large communities of dedicated fans. And so it’s easy to see why arguments would break out over which game is better, even among grown adults.

One of the most grown adults out there is NFL star JJ Watt, who has provoked a little Twitter war with a poll asking “PUBG vs Fortnite?”

At the time of writing, Fortnite is leading with 75 percent, with PUBG struggling at just 25. There’s been 38,000 votes so far, with eight hours left to vote.

Do you think Fortnite deserves to win so decisively? Or does PUBG deserve a comeback? Let us know.

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Source: JJ Watt (Twitter) via GameSpot