Rainbow Six Siege Change Operator Cheat Causing Havok


A Rainbow Six Siege change Operator cheat is causing some serious issues within the Rainbow Six Siege community. The cheat is different to others that provide an advantage to players, because it can actively cause a disadvantage to an entire team by disrupting their abilities, and the way they complement each other.

It’s common to hear about cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege using aimbots, wallhacks, DDoS routines, or a combination of all three, but a cheat that changes a player’s Operator is on another level. While being able to see through a wall, automatically aim at enemies, or ensure you’re reacting faster than your enemies gives you an advantage over others, changing an enemy’s Operator can give the entire team a disadvantage.

Over the weekend a Croatian Rainbow Six Siege player named Lakii posted a video that seems to show their Operator being changed by someone on the opposing team. Operators are the soldiers in Rainbow Six Siege, each with their own loadout and abilities. A team often uses abilities that complement each other in order to win, but with an enemy changing your Operator, all of that goes out of the window. Check out the video below and read on for more details.

Lakii followed the player who changed their Operator into a Ranked match. The player in question, LOLXDFUNNYMEME, was also able to change the skins of Operators for other players, including exclusive developer skins according to Lakii. Ubisoft Support has been made aware of this, and it’s likely that user LOLXDFUNNYMEME has been banned. Ubisoft is bringing down the ban hammer hard on those who cheat in Rainbow Six Siege, in an effort to preserve the game’s esports scene. If cheats like this begin to become commonplace, Ubisoft could have a serious issue on their hands.

Check out all the details for the latest Rainbow Six Siege update here.

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