Rainbow Six Siege Color Blind Mode Desperately Needed

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A player has taken to the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit to complain about the new operator Lion’s special ability. The ability, which highlights enemy operators in red, can’t be seen by color blind players like user A_Play_On_Nerds, making what should be an advantage, a disadvantage.

Here’s A_Play_On_Nerds’ request for a Rainbow Six Siege color blind mode:

The lack of a colorblind mode has been an issue completely ignored by Ubisoft since the beginning of the game, but it is going to really hit us colorblind folk hard after this update. The game is still playable without red dot sights, but an entire ability based on a red outline? I don’t even know if I will be able to play Lion because of it. Please Ubi, if you ever even consider allowing a colorblind mode, at least do it for Lion’s ability.

Ubisoft’s “Its_Epi” responded with the following:

I’ll raise the flag and see where we are on this!

It’s good to see Ubisoft respond in this way. Hopefully it leads to a long overdue Rainbow Six Siege color blind mode being added sooner, rather than later.

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Source: Reddit via PCGamesN

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