Report: Sony Will Have PS5 Exclusive Games Available at Launch

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Following news the other day that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X won’t see exclusives at launch or anytime soon, PS5 gamers won’t need to worry about PS5 exclusives not being a thing — at least based on early reports.

In a new podcast by Kotaku, reliable industry reporter Jason Schreier mentioned that the PS5 will see PS5-only titles at launch (Holiday 2020). Based on what he has “heard,” some titles launching with the PS5 will be console-specific titles, which are being developed by first-party studios.

Note that this isn’t official info, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, Schreier has been very, very reliable when it comes to industry news, hence why we’re reporting it. This might not be that surprising to hear given how almost every PlayStation hardware has launched with console exclusives, but it’s a nice semi-confirmation, no?

Some of the PS5 games we know are in development include Godfall, and there’s a rumor that Knives Out is set to be released on the platform as well.

In other PS5 news, check out the official PS5 logo which was revealed by Sony recently, here. We also posted the purported PS5 and Xbox Series X GPU specs, too.