DICE Has a “Fix Incoming” for the Star Wars Battlefront II AFK Farming Issue

For those playing Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer, chances are you’ve had a complaint or two on how random the end of match credits dole out is. While DICE has said it’s based on performance, the way it’s handled is so random that some people have resorted to creating a homemade credit-farming bot.

Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of gamers went AFK (away from keyboard) and left their in-game character take up valuable team space just to get credits at the end of each match. Naturally, this wrecked team balance, and just the overall fun of a match. I mean, who wants to go up against the First Order undermanned, right? Thankfully, DICE has heard our complaints and a fix is incoming — at least according to a forum moderator.

Over on the official EA forums for Battlefront II, a mod by the name of “Striterax” states, “We have a fix incoming for this,” pertaining to people grinding credits by going AFK. Here’s a screenshot in case it gets deleted, eaten by Wookies or whatnot.

That’s not the only Star Wars Battlefront II issue DICE has acknowledge. Just a few days ago, DICE has mentioned they are “investigating” the lag issues troubling the game right now. Hopefully, the AFK farming issues, and the lag problems are all sorted out when the game gets another title update or server-side hotfix.

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