8 Star Wars Battlefront II Changes We Want to See Not Related to Microtransactions

While EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, there is a solid game underneath all the loo crates, and gamer-fueled hate. We’re still giving the game its fair shake before we publish our review, but there’s already a few things we want changed when it comes to multiplayer, and for this list, we won’t touch on the microtransactions controversy for once.

Note that “multiplayer” in this regard means Galactic Assault, given it is the game’s main multiplayer mode.

So, what are the top things we want changed in Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer? Check out the list to find out.

Gating Weapons and Attachments Because Progression

We get it, 2015’s Battlefront didn’t have much in terms of unlocks and progression, and we all know how multiplayer fans like that “carrot-on-a-stick” hook, right? For Battlefront II, DICE kind of went overboard and had every weapon in every class, and every gun attachment be gated by some sort of  challenge that ensures you’ll be using the “crap” weapons for quite a number of games before getting the good stuff.

Respawns Shouldn’t Take This Long and Not Reset When Changing Classes

battlefront 2 beginners guide

While Battlefront II might feel like an arcade shooter, it’s respawn time indicates otherwise. I’ve had instances where I had to wait 10 whole seconds to respawn, and then add in the time to trek to the actual places of engagements, and well, that’s 12-15 seconds of inactivity, which is not good for any multiplayer game.

While we’re on the subject, why does the respawn timer reset every time you back out to change classes, change Star Cards, etc? This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Head Scratching Squad System

star wars battlefront 2 progression

I’ve logged in a few hours of Battlefront II’s multiplayer, and I still can’t make any rhyme or reason as to what the squad system is, and how it works. Sure, we get more Battlepoints when we’re near our squad, but other than that, it seems, well, pointless. We can’t spawn in our squad, we can’t do anything to help them (like give ammo, med packs, etc.), and worse of all, there is no squad. It’s just a bunch of people grouped together to respawn at the same time.

This is more puzzling given DICE’s Battlefield game, which the studio has been making for decades, has a huge emphasis on squads.

Clunky Vehicle Controls

With DICE’s Battlefield franchise is know for vehicular warfare, one might assume that the same level of tight controls, balance and polish will be experienced in Battlefront II’s vehicles. Well, apparently, that’s not the case.

Spawning in as the AT-RT or other vehicles in Galactic Assault is sometimes an exercise in frustration when navigating the terrain. It’s not clear whether a vehicle can go or can’t go to one place, and the little items in the environment usually means you’ll be stuck somewhere.

Have Daily Crates Include a Star Card or Two

In case you didn’t know, layers get a “Daily Loot Crate” for logging in everyday in Battlefront II. However, the actual contents of each Daily Loot Crate fall into the “pathetic” category since it’s just a handful of credits and scraps. Yep, there are no actual Star Cards in ’em.

Players should get a random Star Card or two for the daily crate freebie! There’s no reason why we aren’t getting anynow.

Being Able to Craft Star Cards and Redeem Challenge Rewards While in Game

For some reason, DICE has made it so that if you want to craft Star Cards, redeem your reward for challenges, etc., you’ll have to do it in the main menu. You can’t craft Star Cards, redeem weapons from challenges in a match, which means you have to exit a game once you want to redeem a reward like weapon attachments, weapons and more.

Why is this the case? Search me, only thing I know is, it needs to be changed.

Increase the Credits Earned Per Match

It’s said that the credits you earn in each Battelfront II match is tied into your performance, but you wouldn’t know it due to the measly amount of credits you’re given. Did very well? Here’s 300 credits for you. Oh, you sucked this round? Well, here’s 275 credits! It’s not that cut and dry, but it’s close.

Make the difference tangible enough or we’ll see more of these “farming bots.”

Progression Without the Randomness

While Battlefront II has managed to escape the pay-to-win system (at least for now), the progression system is still nowhere near being ideal due to how random the loot crates system is. Instead of directly rewarding players with specific unlocks, we’re left at the mercy of the RNG (random number generator) gods that award us with random items in every crate, which means you’re playing to progress randomly. Let that sink in.

With how loot crates are integrated into the progression, it might be too tall a task to ask DICE to re-work it. There is a solution though; maybe give a loot crate after every level reached? Make it so that certain items can be earned via natural progression (item and skill-specific ones come to mind).

Whatever the case is, it should be better than what we have now.

Well, that’s it — at least for now. Are there any multiplayer changes that needs to be fixed in Star Wars Battlefront II that we didn’t touch on yet? If so, let us know what they are in the comments below.

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