Star Wars Battlefront II Will Feature Iden Versio as a Playable Character in Multiplayer Confirmed

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While it’s no secret that the single-player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II will feature new character Iden Versio as the protagonist, it’s now been confirmed that she’ll be in multiplayer as well.

EA has updated the official Star Wars Battlefront II hub on the company’s website, and Iden Versio is one of the new faces gracing the page. Check out her abilities and stats below.

Iden Versio:

Commander Iden Versio leads the Imperial special forces unit Inferno Squad. An expert pilot and soldier, she solves the Empire’s problems through unconventional means


  • Droid Shield: Iden’s droid creaters a protective shield around her.
  • Pulse Cannon: Fires long range, charged shots for heavy damage.
  • Stun Droid: Iden’s droid stuns an enemy. The stun can chain to nearby enemies.

Weapon: Iden’s TL-50

Race: Human

Affiliation: Galactic Empire

It’s been quite a hectic day if you’re a Star Wars Battlefront II fan. We got the pricing details of the “Crystals” currency earlier today, there’s also EA’s Community Manager saying “nothing is final” when it comes to the game’s loot crates and other stuff, and we have EA finally breaking the silence on the loot crates and how the progression system won’t be pay-to-win.

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Expect more Battlefront II info to come out as we get nearer the game’s November 17 release date.