Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crates: EA Community Manager Says “Nothing Is Final”

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The Star Wars Battlefront II loot crate system has caused controversy amongst players, with many believing that random drops that reward in-game buffs is unfair. This is heightened by the fact that crates will be purchasable with crystals, meaning the more money players invest, the bigger chance they have at getting more powerful loot. 

There has been a lot of social media activity surrounding the loot crate issue, with EA employees receiving countless complaints. Twitter user @james176 messaged EA community manager Mat Everett, who responded with, “The game is in Beta nothing is final.”

Following the negative feedback being given, I don’t doubt that the loot system will be tweaked. However, rather than a total overhaul and scrapping of microtransactions, I think we’ll probably see a more generous distribution of in-game currency at the end of a match, or something similar. 

What did you think of the loot system seen in the beta? Let us know. 

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Source: Twitter via Reddit