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Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crates: EA Community Manager Says “Nothing Is Final” News 2

News 2 The Star Wars Battlefront II loot crate system has caused controversy amongst players, with many believing that random drops that reward in-game buffs is unfair. This is heightened by the fact that crates will be purchasable with crystals, meaning the more money players invest, the bigger chance they have at getting more powerful loot.  There has been […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Won’t Have a VR Mode News 1

News 1 While 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront had a VR mode released at later date for the PlayStation VR to coincide with the Star Wars: Rogue One movie, that won’t be the case for this year’s Star Wars Battlefront II.  Speaking to MetroUK, Criterion General Manager Matt Webster was asked whether Battlefront II will have a VR […]


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