Steam Concurrent Users Reach All-Time High at 17 Million

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I’m forever posting about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ever-increasing concurrent player count, which continues to rise and rise with no sign of slowing down. That game is just so damn popular! However, what’s also popular, is the client that houses PUBG. I’m talking about Steam!

Steam has just hit a new milestone for all-time concurrent users. Thanks to the Steam Autumn Sale attracting players far and wide, over 17 million gamers were logged into Steam, all at the same time!

The exact peak figure was 17,171,854, as seen in the graph below:

Dayum, that is a lot of people playing PC games! Almost 3 million players were online last-man-standing it up in PUBG, while the other 14 million were inexplicably playing other things. (PUBG is love, PUBG is life.)

Were you one of the 17 million who were signed in on November 25? If so, let us know in the comments below.

In other news, a China-exclusive Call of Duty game is getting a battle royale mode, the upcoming Destiny 2 December update is to be discussed by Bungie next week, and Creative Assembly’s new game is to be the “biggest multiformat project in the studio’s history.”

Source: Resetera