The Division 2 Maintenance Happening Tomorrow, Here’s the Schedule and What Will Be Rolled Out

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Update #2: 

Ubisoft has shutdown The Division 2 servers for maintenance again! The studio will also roll out a new patch to fix a few things. More details here.


The Division 2 update 1.03 is live now! If you’re looking for the complete patch notes, here they are!

Original Story:

Heads up, Agents! Ubisoft will be doing a The Division 2 maintenance for the servers, and it’ll be for three hours.

Here’s The Division 2 maintenance schedule:

  • 09:00 AM CET
  • 04:00 AM ET
  • 01:00 AM PT

Duration: approximately 3 hours.

Coinciding with this server maintenance will be a new title update. While Ubisoft has not revealed the exact details so far, here are the known fixes and issues being investigated by the studio.

Patch Notes for Thursday Maintenance

  • Castle Settlement progression bug will be fixed
  • Loot Exploit will be fixed


Fixes in Progress

  • World Tier 3 to 4 progression block.
    • Avoid doing Strongholds that progress you in the next World Tier with players that are on different World Tiers.
    • The workaround that MIGHT work: Group up with someone that is on the same World Tier and about to progress into the next. Keep in mind, that all in the group also have the correct Gear Score. A fix is in progress.
  • There is a Weapon Skin Bug.When you sell a weapon with a weapon skin attached to it, that weapon skin can be lost. They are working on a fix. Deconstructing weapons with a Weapon Skin attached does not cause the skin to be lost. When that happened, use the buy-back weapon or contact Ubi-Support, when you lost a skin that you bought with your own money.


Under Investigation

  • If you are experiencing performance issues on any platform – please give feedback in the official forums. (what they are, when they happen, what you were doing and where you were)=> Official Forum


Future Patches and Changes

  • Right at this moment they are focussing on the health of the game so that the experience is the best as it possibly can – before they start adding a lot more content. (fixing bugs, exploits and progression blockers – as listed above)
  • There was already one big Netcode issue fixed, where two clients in the same network could not play together.
  • New content is of course scheduled and planned.
  • Many quality of life changes are also planned – like bald haircut options or UI changes
  • They also plan to add a Polce car into the game – (Police car that was pictured with an open door that caused some confusion) that players need to find on the map.

There’s also a known issue that happens when two players on the same network. Check out the full details of that and a workaround right here.

Source: Reddit